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Denzel's Journal

23rd July, 2004. 11:39 am. Some return and others leave

Peggy and family left this morning to go to Utah and see Alan. I wish I had more time off and could go with them. Yumi and Ryo came home from Japan last weekend and are having a party this Saturday to share their experiences with us all. They came over on Monday night and brought us gifts from their parents. Kosue wrote a letter that made me cry. I hate the fact that I have friends in an other country that I cannot write to or speak to. How can you build a bond between friends without that kind of contact? It really breaks my heart and makes me feel sad and ashamed.
Beau invited us to go to Laughs last night. We had a wonderful time. I love stand up comedy. The last guy was the best I am going out on the web to find his cd.
Matt is returning home from Spain today. Hopefully we will get to see him at Yumi's tomorrow. We are going out to the field tonight to stay so we can get up tomorrow and help them build a building. Then around 2:00pm we will need to get ready to go to a House Warming party for a friend from work. Denzel gets to take his guitar and jam with some new musicians. I will give you a update on how that goes. Then about 6:30 pm or 7:00 we need to head to Yumi's and Ryo's Party. Sunday will be spent working on the front yard landscaping and fixing the airconditioning in the Suburban.

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29th June, 2004. 4:39 pm. July 4th Weekend is going to rock

On the home front Brian, Peggy's son is graduating on Thursday! We are all so proud of him! He will be taking a trip to California next week. Denzel and I just bought a 27ft 5th wheel travel trailer which we are trying to get ready to take to Colorado for the holiday! It is HUGE. We need to get a 5th wheel hitch installed in our truck bed! So tonight we are dropping off the truck to get it done. We have started spending more and more time in our trailer and really needed more room. We have cleaned all of our stuff out of the little trailer and have it in our top lot with a For Sale sign. Peggy and Family are heading to Utah for a Family reunion during the weekend of the 24th. Work has been busy and we are re-landscaping our front yard! In between all of these things we think of you and miss you. Have lots of fun!

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12th May, 2004. 8:46 am. Happy BirthMonth!!!!!!

Well, at last it is the time of year I love.......BirthMonth! Tomorrow is Denzel's Birthday! We will be picking Griffin up at the airport at 6:30 pm. I work tomorrow and then I am off until the 24th! Yeah! We are busy with the planning and preparing for Yumi's Graduation Party. She called me last night to let me know that she had just taken her last final exam. This is such an exciting time for her, how wonderful that we get to celebrate it with her. Mothers Day was last Sunday, I got a beautiful card from my children in Wyoming. Yumi & Ryo come over to visit and brought me a beautiful card and the some candles that smell yummy. I will be bubble bathing with those lite during my vacation. Ahhhhhhh. I also got to talk with Jason and Chris for a while. I miss spending time with them. May is one crazy birthmonth. First we have Jessica (Cheryl's daughter) on the 11th (same day as my mothers)this year she is a teenager. Poor Cheryl. Then we have Denzel on the 13th. My friend Linda at work is on the 14th. Denzel's mother Naomi was on the 15th. Kayoko, Junko's mother, is on the 16th. The 16th is also the offcial 2 year Anniversary for Chris and Junko of their marriage in Japan. They have 2 other dates 1 for the Japan celebration and 1 for the American celebration. Griffin's mother was born on May 17th 1923. Suzanne on the 20th, so is Cher. Our friends Lee and Lori got married on the 20th in 1987. My friend Melissa at work was born on the 23rd. And last but not least Griffin and Nobuko were born on the 28th. I am a card sending fool in May and you throw a Graduation Party in there and it makes for a busy month. The party lights will be lite many times this month. I love it!

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28th April, 2004. 4:57 pm. Just rambling

Denzel has been very busy at work so he comes home dead tired. I have been sitting down all day so I would enjoy a bit more activity after work. I have started doing exercises with a ball. They are fun but I am kind of a Klutz. I know exercise is the only way to lose these last 10 pounds.
I am meeting with Yumi on Sunday to plan her graduation party...fun, fun, fun!
Then before I know it Griffin will be here to celebrate our birth-month!

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26th April, 2004. 3:03 pm. OOP's I forgot the most important news!!!!!!

A week ago last Friday Denzel's boss called him into the office and told him they had just fired Larry (Denzel's supervisor). They then asked Denzel if he would take over as the supervisor! He said "Yes". Bear, the other guy he works with gave his notice one week before, so Denzel needs to hire 2 new people this week to work for him. So for now he is on 24 hour call and 1 man short during the day. He got a nice raise and is very excited to get things under control. I am so proud of him. His boss said she was surprised that he wasn't the supervisor when she started working for the company. It couldn't happen to a harder working guy! Later!

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26th April, 2004. 2:28 pm. What happened to April?

The last time I posted it was March and now it is almost the end of April! Where does the time go? Here is quick catch up on what has been happening here. Denzel re-built our little wooden trailer. Now it is all metal and painted bright purple (surprise). I have taken up sewing and have almost finished a pair of pants for me. We have worked in our yard and have all the first of season clean up done. The hottub has been leaking so we have that torn apart to try and fix it. I spent about a week getting our taxes completed. It turned out we owed about $700. YUCK!
Denzel played for the Easter Seals Fund Raising Event at the Albuquerque Convention Center. He used the drum machine and his guitar. He did such a wonderful job. I am always so amazed by his talent.
Since it has been a little warmer we decided to shave Neko. Now she is almost white, she is so cute when we shave her. She will sit still but she isn't really sure if she likes it. The other day while we were loading Denzels' equipment we left the door open and I ran in to shut it so she wouldn't get out. After about 5 minutes we opened it again to load more and she came running back in! I had shut her out, scary.
Griffin down for a quick weekend visit because I was so lonely. It was so nice to see him. We got to surprise Yumi, she called from a resturant as we were coming home from the airport to pick him up. We went to the resturant and Griffin went in and found her and Ryo. They were both very surprised.
This last weekend we were very busy but found sometime to go to the flying field on Sunday. There wasn't anyone there so I had to help him to get off the ground first time he couldn't do it. The Carl one of his flying buddies came and he helped him and he got up! He flew until he ran out of gas (about 1/2 hour). He coasted to the field and had a perfect landing. He loves it and is getting very good. We stayed out at the field in our motorhome and Cheryl and Jessica showed up and decided to spend the night with us. We played card and eat popcorn until midnight. The next morning we woke up at 6:00 am so Denzel could fly. We stayed at the field riding motorcycles and flying kites until about 3:30 pm. It was so much fun. It was Brian's Birthday on the 22 of April. He says he wants a guitar! We are all giving money to help him out. I never knew he was interested in playing music. He will be graduating in July. We are so proud of him. So there you have it, that is where all our time went!

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22nd March, 2004. 10:45 am. Spring!!!!

I love this time of year! We spent Saturday moving our motorhome out to the property out towards Grants. We will be spending weekends there many times this summer. It was very windy and Denzel did not get to fly. They were pouring a cement slab in front of the office. We helped get that all poured. Then we served everyone home made enchilada pie and apple pie with ice cream. Denzel entertained everyone with his guitar and beautiful voice. What a wonderful group of friends. Sunday was perfect for flying but we had yardwork to do so we headed home Satueday night. We spent about 9 hours cleaning flower beds and scrubbing the pond. We got all the hoses setup. Brians car is running now and out of the backyard. We trimmed the grapevines. Leaves are starting to come on the trees and all of bulbs are blooming. Yumi and Ryo came by for a minute to pick up the clothes washer that Chris and Junko gave them. Yumi asked if she could have her graduation party at our house. Our answer was a huge YES! That will be so much fun! We are so proud of Yumi, she has grown into such beautiful woman. I see so much of her mother in her. She and Ryo are doing very well together, they really love each other and it shows. Tonight we are going to Cheryl's friends and Family concert. Tomorrow night is the monthly meeting with the paraglider club. Then it is Chris's Birthday on Wednesday the 24th. Wish we could be with him to celebrate. We are looking forward to Denzel flying this weekend. Life is GOOD!

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22nd December, 2003. 2:31 pm. Tis the Season.....................

We have both been busy with the events of the season. First we had the Holiday parties with the radio control club, Denzel was in charge of the games. Then the party with the motorized paraglider club, we had a present exchange yummy food and a very good time. Parties and gift exchanges and potlucks at our jobs. Sending Christmas cards, buying present for those people who have birthdays in December Dennis (Denzels brother), Kozue (Yumi's mother) and Yumi!!!! Exchanging cards and presents with our co-workers and neighbors. This is a very busy season but we love it! Denzel has also been very busy trying to keep Brian's and Rochelles cars running. Sadly last weekend Brian's car died, Denzel tried to impress on him the importants of oil.......but the rings are now scrapping the walls of the cylinders. Lessons come hard when you are young.
Last weekend Denzel and I drove up to the top of 19th street and he flew his paraglider without his instructor! He was very happy, we plan to try and fly every weekend that the weather permits. Last weekend was beautiful here, it was 55 degrees. I was outside water our trees and not wearing a coat! I bet I will freeze in Utah now that I am use to this weather.

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23rd September, 2003. 11:14 am. Good Weekend

Denzel went flying on Saturday, I stayed home and did some housework. It is very nice for him that he can drive. In the afternoon we bought a new sander (old one broke) and some polyurethane for the outside doors. The sun is really hard on them. Sunday morning we took the garage and music room doors off and sanded them. Brian came over to work on his old car. Rio and Yumi came over to do some laundry and work on the car with Denzel. At last they got the transmission off. The fly wheel was broken! Brian will buy a new fly wheel and they will start getting the car put back together. Next weekend we have a party at Denzels work, it is to celebrate the end of summer. It is a swimming party. After the party Denzel is working for a guy to convert air conditioners at his apartments. He says he is making money for Japan! We had so much fun with Nobuko while she was here. I hope they (Junko and Nobuko had fun in Portland. On Sunday it is the Japanese Fall Festival! I love this!

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9th September, 2003. 2:09 pm. It's State Fair Time!

Denzel played at the State Fair this weekend. He played with Bill and Adam. They did a great job. Then we just walked around for a while. It was loads of fun, Cheryl meet us there. Spent most of Sunday organizing music room and airplane room. Setup the hot tub for the season and got to use it for about an hour, it felt wonderful. Our weather has cooled off alot, so I don't have to spend my time watering outside. Working on the plans to Xeriscape the front yard. PLayed in the music room with Denzel, we sang some Beatle and Linda Ronstat. We also got to listen to all the disks that Chris burnt for us. Now I am back at work and working to finish up several project. Peggy and I are planning a trip to see Jason in the play Guys and Dolls, I can't wait.

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